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Which Snoring Remedies Actually Work? We Tried a Few and Here’s What We Found
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Which Snoring Remedies Actually Work? We Tried a Few and Here’s What We Found.

21 March 2021

Do you struggle with constant snoring? Do you wake up feeling tired? If it bothers your family or partner, there are so many remedies out there – which one actually works? We tried a few of them and we will share some insights with you.

Nasal Strips and Nosepieces

Some people believe that physically opening your nasal passages helps you breath better, reducing the extent of your snoring. 

However, this tends to be a case-by-case situation. Since the snoring itself is coming from your throat. Good thing is, these over-the-counter devices are fairly affordable, so it’s easier to find out if they work for you through personal experimentation.

Snore Guards (Commercial)

Which Snoring Remedies Actually Work? We Tried a Few and Here’s What We Found

Snoring devices sold in stores or online work similarly to what you might get from a dentist. Except the “one size fits most” design typically means they’re less comfortable. A lot of people looking for snoring remedies tend to take them out in the middle of the night because of the bulkier fit. And if you do make it all night long, the stock-sized fit can increase your chances of a sore jaw the next morning.

Weight Loss

If you have a bit heavier body mass index or larger neck circumference, you’re statistically more likely to struggle with snoring. In studies where individuals worked to lose weight and reduce their BMI, improvement in sleep quality was typical.

Which Snoring Remedies Actually Work? We Tried a Few and Here’s What We Found

Give Up Alcohol

Adult beverages raise your chances of snoring when you go to sleep. Eliminating alcoholic drinks can have an immediate impact on those affected, since your muscles are “less relaxed.”

Adjusting Your Sleep Position

Sleeping on your side or with your head elevated helps some people snore less. The problem with this solution is that some of us find it practically impossible to stay in a new sleep position all night long.

Oral Sleep Appliances Made by a Dentist

Special mouthguards and oral appliances made for snoring can treat the noise at its source. These devices work by positioning your mouth in such a way that your tongue and other soft tissues (near the back of your throat) can’t seal or vibrate against one another. Some people see results as quickly as the first night’s use.

Which Snoring Remedies Actually Work? We Tried a Few and Here’s What We Found

Why Snoring Shouldn’t be Ignored

Snoring could be one of many warning signs that a more serious medical condition exists. Obstructive sleep apnoea is just one example. This breathing disorder ties back to oral anatomy and airway blockage caused by soft tissues in your mouth. That’s why oral appliances are often useful, while other remedies are not.

Untreated sleep apnoea can significantly raise your risk of a cardiovascular attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and other life-threatening conditions. It’s crucial to listen to the warning signs.

When to Turn to a Dental Sleep Practitioner

Which Snoring Remedies Actually Work? We Tried a Few and Here’s What We Found

Do you suspect an underlying sleeping disorder, such as obstructive sleep apnoea? Our highly trained and credentialed Sydney sleep doctor Dr. Manish Shah offers oral appliances for sleep apnoea, which can be used independently or alongside existing CPAP equipment.

At Smile Concepts, we provide sleep apnoea screenings in Sydney and customised care plans (including surgical referrals, if needed) to treat your snoring condition in a holistic manner.

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