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What is Myobrace?

The MYOBRACE trainer incorporates design characteristics which align the teeth and jaws, while correcting the underlying habits causing for good teeth.

It is ideally worn by the 6 to 12 year old age group and acts like braces by twisting and rotating teeth into the ideal position. 

Is Myobrace right for my child?

The MYOBRACE is designed to fill an active role in the orthodontic treatment for children and parents who want to avoid braces and extractions.

The treatment works best when started BEFORE the permanent teeth come in between ages 8 and 12 years. (Late mixed dentition)

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Straight Teeth The Natural Way.

The focus is to give a child a beautiful dental arch, which can help long term stability of orthodontic treatment.

The Myobrace appliance is worn one to two hours a day and at all night.

Sometimes older children can benefit from wearing the Myobrace, but it is much harder at a later stage.

The later the intervention, the more likely it is conventional braces will be required.

What’s the treatment goal?

It is important to remember that the treatment goal is not to eliminate malocclusion (although this is possible in many cases) but to

  • decrease its severity
  • improve facial growth
  • decrease the need for extractions
  • improve the stability of any future orthodontic treatment

Normal Tongue Posture

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What is normal tongue posture?

If you were to think about it, when you are sitting idle and breathing through your nose, where does your tongue sit?

It should be sitting on the front part of the roof of the mouth.

If however you breathe through your mouth, then the tongue sits on the floor of your mouth.

Why do children develop crooked teeth and their jaws don’t develop properly?

A lot of research is now pointing to the fact that if your child is not breathing adequately through their noses then their tongue is positioned in such a way that it does not allow the upper jaw to develop properly.

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Align Your Child’s Smile.

What happens if my child’s jaws do not develop properly?

In children, if the tongue does not sit on the top jaw then, it does not provide the adequate forces to develop the jaw adequately and therefore results in long term crowding and crooked teeth.

There are other consequences for children, of not being able to breathe through their noses.

These including things such as multiple ear infections, bed wetting, ADHD, night grinding etc etc. Please click here to know more about those conditions.

Other habits such as incorrect swallowing, tongue thrusting, thumb sucking can also cause poor development of the jaws and therefore poor facial appearance and crooked teeth.

If a child’s teeth and jaws are not developing correctly, facial development is also most often incorrect.

The influence of health problems like allergies, asthma, poor posture and nutrition all have an effect on facial and dental development.

The way a child swallows determines if the teeth will be correctly aligned or crowded.

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Looking at The Cause of Orthodontic

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What are the Cause of Orthodontic Problems?

Many research publications in Orthodontic journals, both current and historical, have shown that the development of the size and shape of the jaws is almost entirely influenced by how a child breathes, swallows and positions the tongue and lower jaw.

Incorrect habits such as mouth breathing, thumb sucking, incorrect swallowing and poor posture are contributing factors of orthodontic problems.

These habits should be corrected as soon as they are evident.

Without correction of these habits as early as possible, the growth of the face and the alignment of the teeth is likely to be compromised.

The best time to develop the jaws is when the child is between ages 6 & 10 or even earlier.

In addition, any orthodontic treatment is unlikely to have a permanent result as the risk of relapse is quite high.

Parents and children do not like extraction of teeth.

It does not improve the outcome of treatment and often makes the problem worse.

There is little justification for extracting permanent teeth for orthodontic purposes. 

The best time to gain space and develop the jaws is when the child is growing between ages 6 and 10 or even earlier.

By correction of these myofunctional habits, not only will teeth become and stay correctly in line, facial development will be improved and our view is that there is less need for complex orthodontics.

This is the philosophy behind our approach.


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Premium Care For Your Ultimate Comfort.

Proper diagnosis and treatment planning can only be possible with detailed 3d imaging.

Impacted teeth cannot better identified using any other X- Ray technique.

Airway size can be clearly seen as well as enlarged and obstructive adenoids.

These images can also be given to E.N.T’s and other Dental professionals.

Un-erupted teeth, such as canines and wisdom teeth, can be measured for the first time without any distortion and compared to the space available.

Once a diagnosis has been ascertained then we will guide you the best way to solve your child’s problems.

Why Choose Myobrace?

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The myobrace seeks to address the underlying habits that have caused crooked teeth.

It works by retraining the child’s swallowing and breathing habits.

Because the focus is on treating the cause as well as the dental and jaw alignment, our view is that a more stable result will be achieved particularly if the treatment started before the permanent teeth are all present in the mouth.

There are other dental practitioners and orthodontists that disagree with this approach and you should consult them in working out whether or not the treatment we provide is the right alternative for you.

There are also of course a range of individual factors that can affect the outcome.

It could well be necessary in some cases for a permanent retainer to be worn at the conclusion of treatment with the Myobrace to minimise the risk of relapse.

The myobrace is worn at home and does not need to be worn to school.

No one will know that the appliance is being used.

This does address one of the concerns patients often have about braces, which is that they are visible and not very comfortable.

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Dr Manish Shah

Dr. Manish Shah is a cosmetic dentist with a special interest in porcelain veneers, dental implants and Invisalign in Sydney. He is also a medical doctor with an expertise in sleep & craniofacial pain medicine practising at Smile Concepts.

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