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Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces & Mouthguards of 2022

4 Aug 2022

If you’re hoping to improve your sleep quality, the answers can range from weight loss and laser snoring correction to nasal strips and giving up alcohol. But what if none of those options treat your snoring issues at its source? 

Anti-snoring mouthguards can help you (and everyone else in your home) get a better night of sleep in as quickly as one day.

What is an Anti-Snoring Mouthguard?

Oral appliances for snoring and sleeping disorders position your oral tissues in a way that prevents airway blockage. Your lower jaw and tongue are brought slightly forward so that soft tissues in the back of your throat don’t vibrate or collapse in on one another.

When fitted properly, an anti-snoring appliance prevents those tissues from touching (and vibrating against) one another, eliminating the source of your snoring altogether.

OK: Over-the-Counter Snore Guards

Commercial grade snoring appliances may provide relief for some people. These one-size-fits-most devices can be purchased at any pharmacy or supermarket in the oral care section.


One downside to over-the-counter devices is that they often feel uncomfortable or fall out while you’re sleeping. Some people instinctively take them out in the middle of the night because of the way they fit.

Better: Boil and Bite Snoring Mouthpieces

These snoring appliances are slightly customisable as they can be adjusted to fit your teeth a bit better than ‘one size’ mouthguards.

The device is placed in hot water, which softens the material. Then you bite into it so that the inner portion of the snore guard slightly conforms to the shape of your teeth. The semi-fitted feel helps prevent the appliance from slipping out of place while you sleep in it.

Best: Custom Snore Anti-Snoring Mouthguards (Made by a Dentist)

Although some types of snore guards are sold in stores, professionally-fitted devices are safer, more effective, and offer improved comfort.


Devices fitted by your dentist can manually adjust your jaw position to physically limit snoring. Since manipulation of your jaw position should be done by a dental professional, these appliances must be fitted by a licensed provider. These snore mouthpieces can be adjusted for the most effective outcome.


Each custom snore appliance is made from a detailed mould of your teeth, ensuring a formfitting mouthguard that is comfortable without the added bulk of over-the-counter devices.

Don’t Ignore Your Snoring Another Day

Snoring is one of several warning signs of a serious sleeping disorder called ‘obstructive sleep apnoea’ (OSA). OSA can increase your risk of a fatal heart attack, stroke, or cause other serious medical conditions. Left unchecked, you could be putting your life at risk.

Snoring Appliances in Sydney

Smile Concepts offers custom-fitted, professionally-designed oral sleep appliances for snoring and breathing concerns. If your snoring is disrupting your loved ones or you’re waking up with headaches and jaw pain, you might have a sleeping disorder.


Contact Smile Concepts today to find out how we can fit you with a custom snore mouthguard in just one trip to our office.


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Dr Manish Shah

Dr. Manish Shah is a cosmetic dentist with a special interest in porcelain veneers, dental implants and Invisalign in Sydney. He is also a medical doctor with an expertise in sleep & craniofacial pain medicine practising at Smile Concepts.