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Smile Concepts is dedicated in helping you create the smile of your dreams with orthodontics & braces.

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  • Unlock your best smile with the most advanced clear aligners (Invisalign®).
  • The modern way to straighten teeth without people knowing.
  • From as little as 250.00 per month. Payment plans available.
The Most Advanced Clear Aligner.


  • ClearCorrect is the simple, invisible way to straighten your teeth.
  • Custom-made in the USA & are almost undetectable
  • Only need to remove them when you’re eating or brushing your teeth.
Your Smile Is Full of Potential.
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Invisible Braces

  • Relatively invisible, less noticeable than standard metal braces.
  • From as little as 250.00 per month.
  • Payment plans available

Ceramic Braces

  • Completely unnoticeable from far.
  • Brackets made from tooth-coloured ceramic rather than from metal.
  • Comfortable, durable & aesthetically pleasing.
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Smile With New Confidence.
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  • Brackets bonded to the back side or lingual side of the tooth.
  • Smile with confident, clear teeth during orthodontic treatment.

Damon Braces

  • Choose Damon Braces for a more comfortable option for braces.
  • Brackets are designed with rounded edges with a hinged opening to hold the arch wire in place.
  • Modern brackets are smaller and less noticeable.
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Smile With New Confidence.
Smile Concepts - Leading dental practice in the heart of Sydney.
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For many people, achieving a perfect set of teeth can be a challenge.

At Smile Concepts, we bring you the most technologically advanced equipment, highly experienced dentists and flexible payment plans, all under one roof.

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Additionally, we believe in creating a customer experience that is second to none.

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Dr Manish Shah
BDS (Hons), MBBS, MMED (Sleep Med)

Dr. Manish Shah is a cometic dentist with a special interest in porcelain veneers, dental implants and Invisalign. He is also a medical doctor with an expertise in sleep & craniofacial pain medicine practising at Smile Concepts.

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