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We See All Dental Emergencies.


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No after hours surcharge involved for all dental emergencies


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Best reviewed 7-Star Dental Practice in Sydney CBD with Free Parking


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We are highly experienced emergency after hour dentist. Available 24/7


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Instant pain relief give you immediate treatment for best outcome

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Get an Emergency Dentist Sydney When You Need One Most

Smile Concepts provide 24 Hour emergency dentist services for both adults and children. Our dentists are available 7 days a week to erase tooth and gum pain and help you get back in action. Dental emergencies don’t always happen at convenient times. If it’s the middle of the night and you wake up with a horrible toothache, you usually wouldn’t be able to do anything but take painkillers until the morning! Now with Smile Concept’s Emergency Dental service you can see our dentists and get the problem diagnosed and treated fast.

If you have a dental emergency, call now and book in to see Smile Concept’s emergency dentist in Sydney today. If you have a dental emergency, call now and book in to see Smile Concept’s emergency dentist in Sydney today.
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After Hours Dentist Sydney​

Our dentists are available 24/7, with after hours support when you need it most. Call now to speak to a specialist.

Same-Day Appointments

Call our emergency dental clinic and see a dentist as soon as possible. We can book you in for a same-day appointment.

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Convenient Location

We are located in the heart of Sydney CBD with free parking on our premises, you can reach our dentists easily and get emergency treatment fast.

Expert Dentist Sydney CBD

Our dentists have more than 20 years of experience behind them, providing premium dental care and surgery.

What Should I Do in A Dental


If you can’t see a dentist straight away, follow these steps.

  • Contact an emergency dentist immediately
  • Take 2 x Painkillers (Advil, plain Nurofen or ibuprofen)
  • Wait 3 hours
  • Take 2 x Panadol or Paracetemol
  • Wait 3 hours
  • Repeat
If the symptoms haven’t cleared up and you’re still experiencing pain, one of our emergency dentists will be able to help you. Book an appointment with our emergency dentist Sydney CBD today.

See Our Emergency Dentist Sydney

Smile Concepts’ emergency dentist Sydney team can treat a wide range of issues on short notice. We’ve provided emergency dental treatment for:

  • Cracked or Chipped Teeth
  • Knocked-Out Tooth
  • Painful Wisdom Tooth
  • Tooth or Gum Pain
  • Severe or Chronic Tooth Pain
  • Abscess or Gum Infection

Sould I Call an Emergency Dentist Now, or Wait?

If you’re not sure whether your tooth pain is a serious issue or something less critical, it’s always better to just call. Our emergency dentists are always available to help and can provide you with advice on the best course of action. While a major infection should be treated immediately, things like chipped teeth and broken braces or dentures may not need immediate treatment. Our dentist will advise you on whether you should come in or simply take some painkillers and book an appointment for the morning after a night’s sleep.


Should I Go to a Hospital or an Emergency Dentist?

If the problem you’re facing is affecting your teeth exclusively, seeing an emergency dentist in Sydney is your best option. However, if your tooth has been knocked out by a hard blow or your mouth, teeth or jaw is badly damaged or broken, a hospital is better equipped to handle your problem.


What Will an Emergency After Hours Dentist Cost Me?

Many dentists aren’t open after hours for dental emergencies, and those that are may charge more for an emergency appointment. However, it’s important to put your health first and get the care that you need. Smile Concepts offer interest-free payment plans, allowing you to get your treatment now and pay later. Ask us about our emergency dental clinic payment plans at your appointment.

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Why Choose Smile Concepts?

Expertise and Experience

We have 20+ years of experience in handling dental emergencies. We constantly adopt the latest treatment modalities to ensure we can serve our patients better. Our team specialises in all types of dental emergency procedures. This makes us the best Emergency Dentist in Sydney.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We utilise the latest dental equipment and techniques to provide precise and efficient treatment. Whether you are looking for a quick pain-relief solution or need a highly complex dental procedure, we are well-equipped to handle all types of emergencies. Our goal as Emergency Dentist Sydney? To deliver the best emergency care.

The Leading Emergency Dentist Sydney

Whatever dental emergency you’re facing, you can be sure our talented dentists can help you take care of it. With 24/7 service, access to Sydney’s leading dentists and convenient locations in Sydney CBD and Five Dock, call Smile Concepts and fix your dental emergency fixed today. Call now on 02 9025 7660 to book in an appointment at our after hours dentist Sydney.


What We offer as a Top Emergency Dentist Sydney?

Immediate Pain Relief

We prioritise your comfort and well-being. Our emergency dental Sydney services aim to give you instant pain relief. Result? You feel better and comfortable quickly. We use the most advanced pain management techniques so you can stay comfortable throughout your treatment.

Treatment for All Emergencies

No matter what your dental emergency is, we treat ’em all! Chipped teeth, broken teeth, knocked out teeth or sudden toothaches, we are up and ready to offer complete care for you. We also offer emergency treatments for dental infections, wisdom tooth pain and dislodged dentures. We are well-equipped to deal with severe dental issues and provide instant relief to our patients.

Convenient Location and Accessibility

Our clinic is located in the heart of Sydney CBD. So we are easily accessible by public transport. The best part? You don’t have to worry about parking as we offer free parking for our patients. So when you need immediate attention, you don’t have to worry about how to reach us!

What To Do In a Dental Emergency?



Got a sudden toothache? Rinse your mouth with warm water and use dental floss to remove any trapped food particles. Do not place any medication or painkiller on your gums. Immediately reach out to us for an emergency dental appointment in Sydney. A
Holistic Wellness

Knocked-Out Tooth

Did you knock your tooth out? Try to place it back gently into the socket, but do not touch the roots. If this is not possible, place the tooth in a cup of milk or saliva and bring it to our clinic immediately. Remember, quick action can increase the chances of saving the tooth.
Personalised Care

Broken Tooth

If you’ve got a broken tooth, you need extra care; rinse your mouth with warm water. Then, apply a cold compress to the area to reduce swelling. Save any broken pieces of the tooth and bring them with you to our clinic. Our team will offer prompt treatment to restore your tooth.
Comprehensive Approach

Post-Emergency Care

We believe post-emergency care is equally important. So once we treat you for a dental emergency, we also offer a post-emergency care plan. This includes thorough follow-up care to ensure long-term health and stability. Our experts work with you to design the best post-emergency care plan so you can get back to your routine work quickly.
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