Understanding Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is an endodontic process to remove & clean the infected or decayed pulp.

Root Canal Treatment Sydney
Root Canal Therapy

There is a “pulp” or soft tissues inside our tooth made up of micro blood vessels & nerves. This pulp provides nutrients to the tooth, keeping it healthy and strong. But when the tooth experiences decay, the pulp gets infected too.

26 March 2021

This infected pulp results in severe dental pain. In such conditions, Root Canal Treatment becomes mandatory. Root Canal Therapy is an endodontic process to remove & clean the infected or decayed pulp. 

In short, Root Canal is the process to treat the decayed tooth from within

The Procedure of Root Canal Therapy

The complexity of Root Canal Therapy depends on the severity of the infection. Generally, the whole process can be done in 3 sessions, tops.

Step 1

Root canal treatment procedure

In this step, our dental experts apply local anaesthesia. Once done, the next step is to drill a small hole in the infected tooth. This hole acts as the Pulp chamber opening (a space in the tooth where nerves, blood-vessels & tissues are located). 

Our experts remove the infected pulp from the tooth using precision tools. A thorough cleaning of the tooth is performed to ensure no infection gets left behind. Later, our dental experts in Sydney will fill the tooth with medicated paste & seal it off. 

Step 2

If the patient feels no or minimum pain in the next, the second step follows. Our experts remove the remaining pulp & ensure the tooth is totally infection-free. They also take X-ray images to ensure no nerve gets left behind. If the patient is comfortable & doesn’t feel any pain, the next step can be followed immediately. 

But if the patient is feeling a bit uncomfortable, our experts closes the opening and gives an appointment for the next week. 

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Step 3

In this final step, the space in the tooth is filled using advanced dental material which do not react with the human body & and do not decay, making it a perfect filling material for the endodontic process.

Once the filling is in place, our dental experts will restore the tooth with a permanent filling

Dental Crown

If the patients need extra protection for his/her teeth, Dental Crowns can be added too. But Dental Crown in Sydney is not a part of Root Canal Therapy.

Root canal treatment Sydney cost

The exact cost of root canal treatment in Sydney can be determined only after a thorough diagnosis. But on average, the cost ranges from $800 to $2000, depending on the severity of the decay.  

So we would recommend consulting with the experts at Smile Concepts at least once, before you make the final decision, as here in Smile Concepts we can get the Root Canal Treatment processes in just 1 Visit, with our advanced Laser Root Canal Technology & Ozone Therapy. Read more about it here.

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