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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW About Root Canal Sydney

So, you may have heard of laser root canals and you may be a little concerned but worry not, there is nothing strange or scary about laser treatments at all.

In fact, Laser Root Canal procedure performed at Smile Concepts makes use of laser dentistry which speeds up treatments tremendously, and it is more effective and involves no pain.

Have a read HERE to learn more about the advantages a laser root canal can offer over a traditional root canal procedure.

Combined dual laser wavelength treatment

High success rates with no need to repeat procedures

Preserves more tooth endoskeleton

No risk of ledging and demineralization

Faster, safer and more effective

Minimally invasive

No physical strain associated with conventional root canal cleaning

At Smile Concepts, we use the most advanced TwinLight® laser to perform laser root canal. Clinical experience shows that TwinLight® is much more effective than traditional methods. Namely, there is deeper disinfection efficacy, more effective root canal cleaning, and a reduction of permeability and micro-leakage.

Dental lasers are the perfect tool for fast, easy-to-perform, and extremely effective treatment of root canal infections, and a patient-friendly alternative to conventional techniques.

In general, tooth sensitivity is one of the most common problems haunting people.

It is an awful feeling to experience excruciating pain followed by a sharp twinge when you have your favourite ice cream or chocolate.

What causes it? Often, this condition is caused due to infection that harms the pulp of tooth.

Therefore, this points towards a serious condition and calls for an urgent root canal therapy.

Read more what is involved in Root Canal Treatment Here.

How much does root canal treatment cost? The cost of root canal in Sydney varies depending on how severe the infection is.

Often, the infection penetrates very deep into your teeth and a simple filing won’t be suffice.

Thus, this means that your dentist would perform an extensive root canal procedure, leading to a variation in the cost of your treatment.

In general, the cost of root canal procedure could start from $650. 

Good news is, if you are concerned about the cost, you could enjoy our special interest-Free payment plan offered to all our patients with which you could have your treatment first and only pay from $20/Week with no interest fee at all.

Meanwhile, the cost of root canal could be affected by many factors, read the following point for more clarity.

1. Type of Teeth

The location of tooth can affect the root canal treatment cost in Sydney to a great extent.

So, if one of your front tooth requires a root canal, then it won’t cost much.

Why is that? This is mainly because the front teeth or more specifically the incisors, typically have only one canal.

On the other hand, the root canal treatment cost of molars is significantly higher as molars have multiple roots.

Hence, a lengthy root canal procedure with a lot of precision is required that leads to an increase in cost.

2. Severity of Infection

In many cases, the patients unnecessarily delay the treatment which worsens the infection.

As a result, the dentist performs extensive work on the infected tooth such as drilling and planting a new crown which ultimately can raise the root canal treatment cost.

3. Use of Technology

Meanwhile, the root canal treatment cost in Sydney also varies depending on the sophistication of methods being employed to execute the procedure

Therefore, simply ask yourself whether the dentist is using cheap, outdated technology to reduce their costs OR are they using cutting-edge technology such as lasers, apex locators, and Protaper Rotary Treatment to perform the root canal treatment.

4. Reputation & Experience of the dentist

Ask yourself, would you want the root canal treatment carried out by a dentist who has performed countless procedures, or would you be comfortable to see a dentist who performs the treatment once in a while?

Usually, patients refer to a general dentist to get root canal therapy done, unless it being a complicated procedure, which is then referred to a specialist – Endodontist Sydney.

At Smile Concepts, our dental team are highly experienced and trusted when it comes to root canal procedures.

You can be assured that, with the help of advanced LASER technology and the experience of our clinicians, you would be in the care of very highly skilled professionals.

Still perplexed how much is a root canal and how you can finance the treatment?

We provide affordable and highly sophisticated dental care treatment at Smile Concepts.

Our root canal treatment cost in Sydney starts from as low as $650.

There are several financing and payment plans available to finance your root canal treatment.

You can pay a down payment with no interest and then pay the rest of the amount in little chunks on a monthly basis – all interest FREE.

Interest free dental payment plans are available to offered to all our patients at Smile Concepts and your welling being is our priority.

The payment plans could apply to all sorts of dental works, this includes dental cosmetics, orthodontic care such as root canal therapy and cosmetic dental procedures.

The best thing about these INTEREST-FREE l payment plans is that you can start your treatment straightaway and only have to pay as little as $20/week to settle your treatment in the long run! Need more help to find out how you could benefit from it? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you anytime.

Read more about our Payment Plans HERE.

Dr Manish Shah

Dr. Manish Shah is a cosmetic dentist with a special interest in porcelain veneers, dental implants and Invisalign in Sydney. He is also a medical doctor with an expertise in sleep & craniofacial pain medicine practising at Smile Concepts.

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