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Are you snoring? Want to stop snoring immediately? Here’s the trick.

7 SEP 2021

Sleeping disorders—such as obstructive sleep apnoea—and chronic snoring can be problematic for you and your family alike. Without quality sleep, all of that snoring, tossing, and turning will eventually take a toll on your health. What if there was a way to stop your snoring almost immediately? There is, and you don’t necessarily need a CPAP or surgery!

Treating Snoring at its Source

Chronic snoring is usually due to blockage and vibration of soft tissues in the back of your mouth. The frequency and severity of your snoring can depend on the type of sleep-disordered breathing that you have. For enlarged tissues or obstructive apnoea, the best thing to do is to minimize tissue blockage while widening the airway.

Depending on the shape of your jaws, the size of your tonsils, and even the position of your tongue, your fastest solution may be a dental sleep appliance. Oral snoring appliances that are fitted by a professional can provide results as quickly as the first night of use.

How Oral Sleep Appliances Work

Dental sleep devices help position your lower jaw in a slightly anterior position. By guiding your jaw forward, it helps prevent soft tissue blockage near the back of your mouth. In turn, your airway is naturally enlarged to accommodate oxygen flow while you’re breathing.

When you wear an oral sleep appliance, your tonsils, tongue, and soft palate are physically separated. There are not loose or collapsing tissues to vibrate against one another. As a result, you stop snoring.

Some people see such great results from their oral sleep device that they can avoid the need to use a CPAP machine. Depending on the specific type of sleep disorder you suffer from, oral appliances can replace or be used alongside your current CPAP equipment.

Advantages of Snoring Appliances

Should you consider wearing a professionally fitted snoring device? Compared to over-the-counter appliances or not wearing one at all, custom treatments offer:

  • Better results
  • Improved comfort
  • Medically approved devices
  • Simple maintenance

Plus, they’re more portable and discreet than sleeping with a CPAP device!

Most people tend to prefer an oral device over bulky, mechanical sleeping machines. Since snoring can be a red flag for major sleep concerns, getting screened and treated early could potentially save your life.

How to Find a Sleep Dentistry Team

At Smile Concepts, we offer a comprehensive menu of dental and sleep dentistry services. For our patients with chronic snoring and sleep disordered breathing, a custom oral device offers safe and convenient results.

If you suspect that you or a loved one has a sleeping disorder—or suffers from severe snoring—start by requesting a consultation. We’ll guide you through the screening process and arrange a take-home sleep study if necessary. Depending on the type of sleep symptoms you have, we can fit you with a snore guard for fast relief.

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