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What Is The Main Cause Of Snoring? (Snoring Symptoms And Causes)

21 Feb 2022

Chronic snoring affects thousands of people throughout Sydney. But snoring is one condition that doesn’t just impact the individual suffering from it; it can also bother everyone else in your household. If your loved ones have complained about your snoring, it’s well past time to see a doctor.

As you begin to rule out your risk factors, be sure to consider the following common causes of snoring:

Alcohol Intake

Alcoholic beverages cause your muscles to relax. If you drink one in the evening or just before bed, it will loosen your tissues, potentially causing airway blockage near the back of your mouth.  Loose tissues tend to vibrate more, hence the snoring noise that goes along with it.

Allergies and Congestion

Are you able to comfortably breathe through your nose? If you have nasal congestion, you’re probably breathing through your mouth instead. Mouth breathing puts you at a higher risk of snoring, due to the air flowing directly past your soft palate and into your airway.

Weight Gain

When we put on weight, tissues throughout our entire bodies tend to gain bulk. Inflammation is also common. Your neck and mouth are no exception. The larger the tissues become, the greater the risk there is for vibration noises (snoring) when you’re breathing in and out at night.

Enlarged Tonsils

Some people have especially large tonsils. Maybe they suffer from allergies, a secondary infection somewhere else in their body (causing inflammation of their lymph nodes), or frequently get strep throat. Larger tonsils provide a wider surface area for other oral tissues to vibrate against, which causes snoring noise after you fall asleep.

Airway Collapse

Just like other skin and muscles can relax and go limp, the tissues at the back of our throat can as well. Add in swelling, an enlarged tongue, or a short lower jaw, and it’s easy to see how a smaller opening would result in more snoring than one with optimized airflow.

Sleep Apnoea

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a specific type of sleeping disorder that is associated with airway blockage. Not all people with snoring have sleep apnoea, nor do all people with sleep apnoea suffer from snoring. But the two do frequently go hand in hand, so it’s best to rule this risk factor out if your sleep health is a concern.

Snoring Treatment in Sydney

At Smile Concepts, we offer customized oral appliances for sleep apnoea and snoring. Each fitted device is designed for optimal comfort as well as efficacy. It’s not uncommon to notice a difference from the first use. Fortunately, our Sydney dentist Dr. Manish Shah is also a trained medical doctor offering sleep therapy in our practice

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If you or your loved one is struggling with chronic snoring—to the point you’re sleeping in a different room or waking yourself up—it’s time to take the next steps. Contact our Sydney dentists today to reserve a snore screening and consultation.

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