9 Reasons Your Teeth Might Suddenly Start Hurting 

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Experiencing toothache? Have that Sensitive tooth that you can’t locate? Look here.

15 NOV 2021

Experiencing tooth pain? A toothache or teeth sensitivity can come from a number of different sources. Aside from a physical injury to your mouth, here are 9 common reasons why you might suddenly be experiencing dental pain for no apparent reason:

Toothache From A Cavity

Not all cavities hurt, but some do. Usually when you’re biting or chewing certain foods. Especially if it’s something that’s sweet. If it doesn’t cause pain, you might just notice that something feels “off”.

Toothache From Gum Recession

Your gum tissues are supposed to wrap around the roots of your teeth, protecting them and the bone around them. But if the gums recede for any reason, the exposed tooth roots are likely to be hypersensitive to any type of stimuli. Be it brushing, breathing, or something else.

Toothache Caused By Temperature Change

Do hot or cold temperatures hurt your teeth? Toothache from hot foods or drinks is usually linked to a dying nerve inside your tooth. The good news is that cold sensitivity usually isn’t anything to be too worried about.

Toothache From Abscessed Tooth

If you have a dental abscess, your symptoms may range from no pain to a small pimple on the gums or a severe toothache. Abscessed teeth need to be treated quickly to avoid an unnecessary dental extraction.

Toothache From Cracked or Dying Tooth

The nerves inside of our teeth are highly sensitive particularly tender to pressure or other stimuli. Sometimes a traumatised or dying tooth may hurt only when you bite down on it at certain times. Other times, it may take months or years before it begins to die. 

If your tooth hurts to bite down, avoid eating on that side of your mouth and come in for an exam.

Toothache From Sinus Pressure

Allergies, sinus infections, and nasal congestion can all mimic toothaches. Since the roots of your teeth rest directly alongside your nasal sinuses, it’s not uncommon to feel like your teeth hurt when your allergies are truly to blame.

Toothache From Referred Pain

It’s not uncommon to have a tooth feel extremely painful when there’s nothing wrong with it at all. How? Because of referred pain coming from another area of your mouth. Since the nerves that relay sensations tend to cross over between several teeth, it might feel as if one of them is hurting when it’s really a neighbouring tooth.

Toothache From Aging, Leaky Dental Work

As dental fillings, crowns, or bridges begin to age, it’s fairly common to see leakage around the margins. Those tiny, microscopic openings can allow saliva and bacteria to seep inside, causing recurring decay and tooth pain over time.

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