Remember Metal Braces? Straighten teeth without them (Invisalign®)​

Think about the time when traditional braces were the only option to deal with misaligned, uneven or crooked teeth.

That metal-mouth appearance, the constant uneasiness, and the pains and frustrations for more than 18 months… were really insufferable!

Thanks to the modern technology that brings an incredible solution for irregularly shaped teeth in the form of invisalign.

This advanced cosmetic dental treatment efficiently deals with the mild to moderate orthodontic issues like crowding, spacing and gaps.

Now, you can get the benefits of orthodontic treatment without wearing those unsightly braces which mar your appearance whenever you smile.

Scroll down to know why invisalign is the right treatment for your teeth and what wonderful benefits it offers you:

Metal-free smile

Appearance is the first thing that gets compromised when you have to wear metal braces.

What could you expect from a mouth full of wires and brackets to look like after all?

However, with invisalign aligners, you can have a metal-free smile as the invisible aligner trays are barely noticeable.

You can wear them day and night without feeling embarrassed about your appearance.

Greater comfort with removable trays

The invisalign aligners are extremely comfortable, smooth and easy to wear.

Above all, these trays are removable.

That means, they can easily be taken out whenever the wearer wants.  

You can also take them out during eating or drinking. This also makes easy for you to clean them and take care about hygiene of your teeth.

Regular cleaning can protect your teeth from cavities and damages.

Less painful experience

Unlike metal braces which cause many irritations and pains, invisalign aligners are far less painful.

As invisalign braces carry no wires or brackets so there is no pain or difficulty.

You don’t need to worry about anything that might pop free, cut or scrap on the gums or cause discomfort inside of the lips.  

Stain-resistant aligners

With braces, you are in constant fear that your teeth might get yellow, tanned or stained.

However, invisalign offers you stain-resistant aligners, making you stress-free and removing your yellow-teeth fears.

Short treatment period

With braces, you have to wait for a long time to get over with them and see the results.

This treatment might take as long as 2 years.

But, invisalign aligns teeth faster and can take as little as 6 months.

So, getting quick results is no longer a dream with Invisalign.

Freedom of eating, playing and doing everyday activities

You are in continual discomfort while wearing braces.

You can’t eat whatever you want because you are afraid that something might get stuck in your mouth.

You can’t play with a musical instrument as brackets in metal braces can cause pain.

Moreover, you don’t feel comfortable while playing sports.

Even your day-to-day activities can get affected with braces in mouth.

Whereas,Invisalign braces offer you much ease, convenience and flexibility. You can remove aligners whenever you want and put them back once you are done with you activities.

Above everything else, invisalign improves your self-esteem and boost your confidence.

Now, you can have your perfect, beautiful smile whenever and wherever you want.

Contact a certified cosmetic dentist soon to get services of Invisalign in Sydney and smile confidently!

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