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Invisalign Or Veneers: Which One Is Best For Crooked Teeth?

6 Dec 2021

Have a crooked or crowded smile? Want straight teeth? Invisalign and dental veneers are both effective solutions. Either one can give you an aligned, healthy-looking bite. But depending on your oral health and goals, one may be significantly better than the other.

Advantages of Invisalign for Crooked Teeth

Misaligned teeth are at a higher risk for cavities, gum disease, and TMJ disorder, just to name a few issues. When teeth don’t bite together properly, they tend to strain one another as well as your jaw. Therefore, aligning them with removable Invisalign trays can help you achieve a healthier bite that functions on an optimal level.

Symmetrically speaking, straighter teeth are usually more attractive than those with crowding or gaps between them. Invisalign predictably aligns teeth—without braces, brackets, or wires—using customised, removable trays. They are completely non-invasive to teeth, as no drilling or reshaping of your enamel is involved.

The downside? Invisalign can take several months to complete. Even short-term or “accelerated” ortho treatments that only straighten front teeth may take up to six months.

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Using Porcelain Veneers to Straighten Teeth

Some people refer to dental veneers as “instant braces” because of how they immediately make your teeth look straighter. Veneers are bonded to the front of your healthy teeth, changing the way they look when you smile. So unlike Invisalign, veneers allow you to tweak the length, width, contour, and colour of the teeth you’re treating.

With veneers, we can place them side by side one another to create a seamless, straight smile. No aligners are necessary. The entire preparation and final placement appointments are generally completed within two weeks of one another, giving you the fastest results possible. Veneers are preferred if you have concerns related to enamel or tooth irregularities, such as coloration or shape.

Veneers do require a bit more maintenance than aligners, as you’ll need to care for them to prevent any chipping or wear. For large gaps between teeth, veneers may come off too bulky, so it’s best to only use them if the crowding/spacing is mild to moderate.

If you have concerns about crowding in your lower front teeth, it’s important to note that veneers are usually reserved for upper front teeth only. Placing them on the lower front teeth could alter the way your teeth bite together, putting them at risk for chipping.

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Clear Invisalign Aligners vs. “Instant” Braces

There are instances where either veneers or invisalign aligners may both be appropriate. A number of factors should be considered, so a professional opinion is the best way to make an educated decision about your teeth. 

Ultimately, aligners are a non-invasive solution that requires less maintenance over more dramatic veneers. But veneers are the only option to provide fast, optimal aesthetic appeal when stain or misshaped enamel are involved.

Flexible Payment Plan Options for Invisalign & Veneers

Smile Now, Pay Later! Whether you choose to go with Invisalign or Veneers, you are eligible to apply for our payment plan options. 

It’s very common for our cosmetic dentistry clients to finance their treatment. Through our affordable payment plans, such as afterpay® and Zip pay®, etc, you can easily start your aesthetic journey whenever you’re ready. 

Modest low-interest or 0% financing makes it easy to pay small monthly instalments while enjoying your new smile in the quickest timeframe possible. Financing can also be paired with existing health funds to cover anything that might exceed your usual benefits plan.

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