Dental Implant or Root Canal, Which Is the Best Option?

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Frequently Asked Questions: Dental Implant or Root Canal, Which Is the Best Option?

25 AUG 2021

Root canals and dental implants are two completely different treatments. But in some cases, you might have the option to consider one over the other.

Before we cover root canal and dental implant FAQ, it’s important to understand what each treatment is. Root canals or ‘root fillings’ are restorations that preserve painful, abscessed teeth instead of extracting them. On the other hand, dental implants are artificial roots designed to replace missing teeth as they anchor a crown, bridge, etc.

Should I pull my tooth and get a dental implant?

When possible, the preferable option is to preserve your natural tooth instead of extract it. A root canal can help you retain an anatomical tooth. But if the tooth cannot be restored, we may recommend removing it and replacing it with a dental implant instead.

Are root canals painful?

Thanks to modern technology and numbing medication, getting a root canal treatment can be just as comfortable as an everyday dental filling. Our office incorporates techniques that allow us to complete your root canal in just one appointment. Endodontic therapy helps relieve the source of your tooth pain, not cause additional discomfort.

Is it better to get a root canal or dental implant?

In most instances, we recommend preserving your natural tooth, as long as it’s restorable. But if the tooth is structurally unsound, the better choice is to have it removed and replaced with a dental implant or bridge. The best choice depends on the current health status of your tooth (or if there’s one left to repair.)

Does it hurt to get a dental implant?

Our efficient and digitally mapped implant treatment can be completed in as quickly as 15 minutes. The entire process is essentially pain-free and can be completed using only a small amount of numbing medication. Thanks to digitally planning and placement, your treatment is minimally invasive and recovery time is significantly reduced. 

Which is faster, a dental implant or a root canal?

Today, it’s faster to place a dental implant than it is to perform a root canal. However, root canal treatment can still be completed in one appointment. Keep in mind that dental implants also need to integrate with the bone before the permanent restoration is attached.

Do implants last longer than root canals?

Both dental implants and root canal treatments can last quite a long time. Ideally—with proper home care—either one can last the rest of your life. Good oral hygiene and routine checkups are essential. The experience of your dental provider will also play a role.

How can I know which one I need?

If you’re torn on whether you need a root canal or crown, it’s best to work with a highly experienced dentist who can answer any questions that you have. Contact Smile Concepts today to speak with our dentists in Sydney and Five Dock. We’re here to put your mind at ease as we enhance your smile’s health.

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